Useful information for your stay in Tokyo

Please note that there are very clear instructions about bringing medicine to Japan. If you're on medication, you might need a special certificate called Yakkan Shomei. In case you intend to stay longer than a month in Japan and you're bringing medicine with you, please make sure to read the document attached here. 

Useful websites

  1. Wi-Fi connection:
  2. Prepaid sim-cards:
  3. Emergency:
  4. Transportation. This is a very useful website (in Japanese, Chinese, and English) that provides detailed information on routes including fares. All you need to do is to enter the name of the station. It’s similar to Google Maps, but provides more detail especially for long and complicated routes.
  5. Restaurant guide. This is a famous Japanese website that provides detailed information on almost every single restaurant in Tokyo.
  6. Tokyo Travel Guide:
  7. Volunteer guides you can book in advance or just run into on the street. They usually carry “FREE GUIDE” posters. You can book a guided tour here.
  8. Free and cheap things to do in Tokyo:
  9. In case an IWL participant intends to stay longer than a month and he/she is bringing prescribed medicine, he/she will need to obtain a Yakkan Shomei (Certificate from the Ministry of Health). If it’s only a one-month supply, any kind of medicine including prescribed ones are allowed. But if it’s more than that and you have no certificate precription on you, then uncertified medicine will be confiscated. See the PDF file attached above and also at the bottom of this page for more information.

Please note that some websites may not open on Safari, but Chrome works for everything.

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