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All seminars, colloquia, guest lectures, and panels will take place at the University of Copenhagen in the Southern Campus, which is located on Njalsgade in Amager.



The UCPH Housing Foundation offers 70 places in a variety of shared and single rooms (studios or apartments) for our summer school. Please note that the allocations and payment go via the UCPH Housing Foundation system.

As we're planning for a group of about 150 participants, only half will be able to be lodged through the UCPH Housing Foundation. Therefore, we will assign these 70 places based on applications from participants and on financial need.

How to apply for a place offered by the UCPH Housing Foundation

Please read carefully the information below about the housing system of the UCPH Housing Foundation. If you wish to be lodged in a room offered through this system, please email your application between March 1, 2017 and April 15, 2017 to our Assistant Director, Dr. Delia Ungureanu ( The application must include a financial aid letter stating your current financial situation as we'll be assessing these applications based on financial need, in the limit of the 70 places we have at our disposal. Please accompany your letter by any additional documents that you find useful for supporting your case, such as bank account statements, annual personal or family income, etc.

Immediately after April 15, 2017, you will be notified if you received a place offered by the UCPH Housing Foundation. In early May, UCPH will contact you to fill in your information through their system and will send you the link to their available places in shared or single rooms and/or apartments. You will be able to select online the room you need and will be prompted to pay for it in full online through the UCPH website.

Rooms for the summer will be available only in early May, so you cannot choose your room sooner.

Rates are very convenient and they vary from 5225 DKK (approximately $800 USD for a single) to 3850 DKK (approximately $580 USD for a shared room). To get a clearer sense of the possible variety of rooms and rates, please click here for the monthly rates from 2016.

The cost is only stated in DKK as that is the currency the payment is made in. Please keep in mind that exchange rates may vary..

Please note that these rates are for 2016 and for 2017 they are subject to change. The 2017 rates will however not be substantially different from those in the above uploaded spreadsheet.

Booking system:

On April 15, 2017 we'll send a list of the 70 participants to UCPH and they will send an invitation directly to the participants to book in their system. The participants themselves then select and book a given vacancy they see in their online Flow. The vacancies in a person’s online Flow will be a mix of whatever vacancies there are. It is up to the participants to seek to book in particular residences and UCPH does not guarantee that there is a vacancy in a given residence.

Participants rent from the stated vacancy date of a given room and until the selected end date. Please note that participants staying in the UCPH will have to move out 4 days before their selected checkout date, so for instance a booking through 31 July requires as actual move out date 27 July at 10am. Once they have made a booking, they upload the signed contract in their online flow and make the payment of deposit and rent.

In Denmark it is normal to have to vacate the rented hall of residence a few days earlier than your actual rental. The period is for inspection, cleaning and repairs if needed. However, please note that the rent will have to be paid for the entire period selected and you do have to vacate the premises four days BEFORE your selected checkout date. As IWL ends on July 26th, you will choose as checkout date July 31 and will move out four days earlier, on July 27th before 10am.


Each participant pays their own rent in the UCPH online system.

On top of the rental, each participant will have to make a payment to the inspectors, as well as a booking fee and a refundable deposit of 4,000 DKK ( The deposit of 4,000 DKK will be refunded after your checkout provided that no damage was made.

The booking fee and deposit must be paid within 14 days of the booking date and the rest on the first rental day at the latest.

Your payment will include:

1.refundable deposit: 4,000 DKK

2. booking fee: 600 DKK

3. inspection fee: 450 DKK

4. the rental of the room

You can find information about the accepted credit card types here:

Types of housing at UCPH:

You can check out the UCPH website for descriptions and pictures of each location here:

The housing varies greatly in what the number of rooms, location, type, and cost are concerned. Once invited into the UCPH system, participants will see all vacant rooms during the summer period, so it is up to them to select a given room which is vacant from a suitable day and in the location/price range they prefer.

No rooms have air conditioning; it is not something you'll need in Denmark.

Rental dates:

The rooms are rented from their individual vacancy date and until an end date selected by the participant. The end date will always be on either the 14th or last day of the month, and they'll move out 4 days before the checkout date at 10am. As IWL ends on July 26th, you will choose as checkout date July 31 and will move out four days earlier, on July 27th before 10am.

Please note that residents are responsible for cleaning their rooms during and after their stay.

Disabled students:

The UCPH online system has an application form for disabled students and UCPH will do their best to accommodate them. You can find more information here:


There is a metro from the airport to both Copenhagen University and to the city center. For more information, go to:

A monthly pass to buses and metro is quite affordable:!/about+the+metro/tickets

Travel cards can also be issued:

Bikes can be rented: