A visit to the National Library of Serbia and to the Church of Saint Sava will be organized on the first Friday of the program. The National Library of Serbia is one of the oldest institutions in Serbia and the largest library in the country. Apart from its general collection, it boasts a vast collection of rare and old books and an amazing collection of cyrillic manuscripts. The Church of Saint Sava is a Serbian Orthodox Church, known for its monumental and magnificent architecture. Apart from being one of the biggest Eastern Orthodox church buildings, it also represents one of the best known religious centers of the capital. The church is dedicated to Saint Sava (1174–1236), the founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

On the second Friday of the program we will organize an outing to Ada Ciganlija. Ada Ciganlija, once a river island, now a peninsula next to an artificial lake, lies just 4km from the city center. Ada is the largest, most beautiful and most popular picnic spot, bathing beach and place to relax in Belgrade. Sava Lake is surrounded by more than 7 km of well-kept shingle beaches, with warmer and cleaner water than the river. The lake is ideal for recreation, swimming, rowing, kayaking, water polo, diving, wind-surfing and other sports and leisure activities.