Director's Welcome

David DamroschIt is a pleasure to invite you to take part in the 9th session of the Institute for World Literature. For our 2019 session we'll be back at Havard for a third time, following the 2013 and 2016 sessions. We have gathered together a group of distinguished faculty and guest speakers to offer seminars and lectures on new approaches to research and teaching in this fast-changing field. Our hope is that this intensive period of structured study and informal conversation will provide its participants with a solid grounding in approaches to literature in global perspective, while also giving everyone opportunities to share their current research and exchange ideas for future projects, and to build a network of friendships to support future contacts and collaborations. We welcome applications from both faculty and graduate students. Many will come from our growing roster of institutional affiliates, but we reserve a good number of places for individual participants as well. We had an excellent session at the University of Tokyo this past July, with a hundred and thirty participants from three dozen countries, and we are building on that experience as we strengthen our offerings for this coming summer and our plans for ongoing community-building thereafter. I hope that you’ll join us in this exciting venture this year.

– David Damrosch