Talks & Special Events

David Damrosch, "What Is(n't) World Literature?" (2021)

Natalie Melas, "Figures out of Place" (2021)

A Conversation with Dubravka Ugrešić (2020)

Homi Bhabha Keynote (2019)

Yoko Tawada, “A Dream of Multilingual Poetry” (2018)

David Damrosch, “What Isn’t World Literature?" (2016)

Franco Moretti,"Patterns" (2015)

Ursula Heise, "Climate Change and Urban Narrative" (2021)

How to Read and Write in Pandemic Times (2021)

A Conversation with Orhan Pamuk (2020)

David Damrosch's "Comparing the Literatures" (2020)

The Written World: David Damrosch & Martin Puchner (2020)

The World of World Literature: Cheah and Damrosch (2018)

Young Japanese Writers (2018)

Gisèle Sapiro, “Authorship in Transnational Perspective" (2016)