Photo Gallery

  • Our Hong Kong adventure began on June 23, 2014...

  • "Civilization as a Concept for Global Analysis: The Example of Arnold Toynbee"

    June 23, 2014

  • David Damrosch, "Grounds for Comparison"

    June 23 - July 3

  • Jacob Edmond, "Comparing Copies"

    June 23 - July 3

  • Svend Erik Larsen, "Beyond Justice"

    June 23 - July 3

  • Karen Thornber, "World Literature and Environmental Crises"

    June 23 - July 3

  • Zhang Longxi, "From Comparison to World Literature"

    June 23 - July 3

  • Our participants shared their work in affinity groups

  • We visited the antique map collection at the library of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

  • Professor Karen Thornber's lecture

    "Global World Literature and Medical Humanities"

  • Professor Gisèle Sapiro's Guest Lecture

    "The World Market of Translation: Literature Between National and Transnational Fields"

  • We've been to Victoria Peak

  • And we returned for the second set of seminars

  • Dudley Andrew, "World Cinema"

    July 7-17

  • Theo D'haen, "World Authors/World Literature"

    July 7-17

  • Leo Ou-fan Lee, "World Literature and Modern Chinese Literature"

    July 7-17

  • Ronit Ricci, "Translation in Asia: Theories, Practices, Histories"

    July 7-17

  • Zhang Longxi, "From Comparison to World Literature"

    July 7-17

  • Professor Glenn Most's Guest Lecture

    "Greek Literature, Roman Literature, Latin Literature: World Literature(s)"

  • Panel on Jobs

    Zhang Longxi, Theo D'haen, Ronit Ricci, and Dudley Andrew

  • Professor Dudley Andrew's lecture

    "Ghost Cities"

  • Enjoying Hong Kong in the Victoria Harbor

  • Professor Ronit Ricci's Lecture

    "Citing as a Site: Translation and Circulation in Muslim South and Southeast Asia"

  • Professor David Damrosch's Lecture

    "World Literature in the Internet Age"

  • Relaxing after the month-long program with new friends

  • Forming transcontinental friendships

  • David Damrosch with our hosts: Professor Arthur Ellis, Provost of City University of Hong Kong, and Professor Zhang Longxi

    Closing Panel

  • Awarding the IWL Certificates at the Closing Panel

  • Our closing banquet overlooking Victoria Harbor

  • The IWL Team and our host, Professor Zhang Longxi

  • Ongoing intellectual exchange and friendship

  • A toast in the honor of our participants

  • Hong Kong was a great adventure...

  • ... and saying goodbye is not easy...

  • IWL is a long-lasting relationship.

  • See you in Lisbon in 2014!